EU Elections: Vote Or UKIP Gets It

I hope you voted in the European Parliament election today. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a high percentage of those who would tend to support Labour or the LibDems don’t vote (viz: “Don’t vote – it only encourages them.”) Conversely, as UKIP is all about Europe and getting out of it, pretty much everyone who warms to UKIP will make the effort to vote for them.
So, if YOU don’t vote, UKIP is heading for a shoo-in.
You have been warned.


The Main Event

I was very disappointed with the result of the main event on TV last night. I can’t see how Hughie Fury could have been given a win over Danny Alexander Hughes. To my (admittedly untutored) eye Fury looked sweating, unsure and unsteady, and buckled at least twice. Hughes OTOH, in spite of the natural disadvantage of a redhead’s skin that telegraphs damage, took what Fury gave him, impassive as a rock, and gave as good as he got. Still, at least the bearded lady won Eurovision, so that kinda restores the natural balance of things.